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Caster Connection Offers Brake Kits For CC Vintage Casters


We sell what’s called a top lock brake (also called side lock brake) for all of our CC Vintage casters. They are great for everyday use and look cool too! There are three pieces to the side lock brake kit.

Top-Lock Brake AKA Side-Lock Brake

Top Lock Brake AKA Side Lock Brake

  1. Axel & nut – The side lock brake kit comes with a slightly longer axle so it can fit all of the extra components.
  2. Brake “Shoe” – The brake shoe is the metal pedal that presses against the wheel causing it to stop.
  3. Brake Lever – The brake lever is the apparatus that engages the brake shoe.

The entire assembly is sold together, one brake kit for one caster. If you need help trying to install the brake kit we strongly recommend this helpful video featuring Caster Connection’s very own Brad Hays. He explains in succinct detail how to install and operate the brake.

Our CC Vintage top lock brakes are available for all sizes of CC Vintage casters. The 2” wide top lock brakes look a little bit different than the 1-1/4” brake in the video, but the installation is the exact same.

If you’re looking for other brake types that aren’t just for vintage, we carry those too. They may not all be available on our website yet, so contact us and we’ll help you out.


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