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Vintage Caster Offerings From Caster Connection

February 7, 2017  |  Product Information, CastersBrands

Every day, we here at Caster Connection think up innovative ideas to add to our existing lineup of products, and our CC Vintage line is no different. The CC Vintage line has a wide selection of wheel, rig, and mounting components to enable users to make the caster their own. Read on to discover the latest vintage caster offerings from Caster Connection.

1. What kinds of vintage casters does caster connection offer?

Our caster wheels, rigs, and mount types are what make our CC Vintage line unique. At the top level, we offer vintage casters in cast iron or polyurethane on cast iron. Caster Connection’s vintage caster rigs (metal fork the wheel fits into) are available in several variations between our rigid rigs and swivel rigs.

Our rigid rigs are available in two different styles:

  1. The 1-1/4” and 2” wide punch-out rigid rigs (4” diameter wheel and up) have a cutout in the fork to show off the spokes of a cast iron wheel.
Punched Out Rigid Caster Connection Vintage Casters
Caster Connection Vintage Casters Using Punched Out Rigid Rigs

2. The standard 1-1/4” wide rigid rig (5” diameter wheel and smaller).

Caster Connection Vintage Caster With Polyurethane Tread
Caster Connection's Vintage Caster With Cast Iron on Polyurethane Tread

Note: Rigid rigs are only available with a top plate.

Our swivel rigs are available in two different sizes:

  1. The 1-1/4” wide swivel rig is available with top plates, grip stems, expanding adapters and threaded stems.
  2. 2” wide swivel rig (only comes available with a top plate).

As mentioned earlier, our 1-1/4” wide swivel rigs are available in a variety of mounting options:

  1. Top plate is the classic mounting type, requiring 5/16” bolts to attach.
  2. Grip ring is ideal for office chairs or furniture/fixtures with wooden legs.
  3. Threaded stems are ideal for screw-in applications or applications that are too small to rest on a top plate.
  4. Expanding adapter kits fit a variety of different diameter hollow tubes and legs.

Note: Side lock brakes are available on all sizes of CC Vintage swivel casters.

2. why buy vintage casters from caster connection?

Actual antique casters are expensive and unreliable because, well…they’re old. How do you know that our CC Vintage casters are built to last? CC Vintage casters are new casters chemically treated to look aged, meant for industrial and commercial applications.

Note: Each vintage caster is unique, with different details and may include intentional imperfections (i.e. nicks, scrapes, rust/corrosion, and blemishes) for aesthetic purposes.


Perhaps the most aesthetically unique casters you’ll find anywhere, Caster Connection’s create-your-own vintage casters offer the ability to create a distinct caster in black to perfectly complement any piece of furniture or fixture.

Caster Connection’s in-house painting facilities offer the ability to produce a black color for all vintage rigs and select wheels. Each caster is painted by hand to ensure the highest level of quality and accuracy.

Create-your-own vintage casters are available in 2″ wide or 1-1/4″ wide.

Need help narrowing your search to find the perfect vintage caster to better suit your application or preference? Contact Caster Connection today!