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Total Cost Of Ownership Modeling With CC Peak Casters

When equipment operators are empowered to proactively identify the problem(s) of the application by choosing the right solution the first time. Employing a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model that captures a product lifecycle cost can alleviate any unforeseen problems of overspending/repurchasing on incorrect products that have a short lifespan.


For instance, the main cost drivers of TCO in an industrial setting are energy, repairs, and unplanned downtime including lost production and maintenance cost. The CC Peak serves as a great example of reaping great value beyond the initial price tag.

The CC Peak's maintenance-free swivel caster rig is designed to meet the demanding requirements of manufacturing, by providing unmatched industry-leading performance. Unlike kingpin or kingpinless rigs, the CC Peak’s construction allows for even dispersion of load, which has an incredibly dramatic effect of reducing push-pull efforts by 25-50%. Not to mention the many benefits the CC Peak offer.


Read more about the CC Peak here.


To summarize, calculating Total Cost of Ownership for Early Product Management doesn’t have to be daunting. Early Product Management can save you from multiple repurchases and installation cost in the long run by systematically assessing and selecting the right solution the first time.