CC Peak Maintenance-Free Rigs

Ergonomic | Maintenance-Free | Quiet | Durable

The CC Peak maintenance-free swivel caster rig is available through Caster Connection, and it blows the competition away! Unlike kingpin or kingpinless rigs, this maintenance-free swivel caster rig’s construction allows for even dispersion of load, which has an incredibly dramatic effect in reducing push-pull compared to other caster rigs.

The CC Peak is ideal for industrial applications (such as automotive manufacturing) that require low manual push-pull force.


No Spikes in Push-Pull

Load is evenly distributed with thrust bearing and tapered roller bearing


Stands up to abuse with thick forged steel legs/raceways

Requires No Maintenance

With the sealed raceway and lifelong grease

How Does It Work?

The CC Peak uses a proprietary two-bearing system. A thrust bearing carries the weight, and a tapered bearing is tightly fit around the integrally forged kingpin for stability and combating shock forces. This Caster Connection proprietary product provides superior ergonomic performance to any traditional caster rig on the market.


Why Upgrade To CC Peak?

  • Excellent Ergonomic Performance - Reducing BWC Claims
  • Incredible Durability - Preventing Downtime
  • Extremely Quiet - Meeting Decibel Level Requirement
  • No Maintenance Required - Lowering Labor Costs
  • Awesome in Tow lines - The Peak of Maneuverability

CC Peak Maintenance-Free Ergonomic Swivel Caster Rig

In need of an ergonomic solution to reduce your push/pull force? Explore the incredibly ergonomic CC Peak maintenance-free caster rig from Caster Connection.