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Proactively Manage Equipment Downtime At Peak Levels


Proactive maintenance identifies possible root causes of failure and helps avoid breakdown and associated maintenance cost. As a result, savings yielded from proactive maintenance makes it a worthwhile investment from the start, particularly because one spends less time tending to any cost of downtime, repair or rework. Correspondingly, focus can stay on productive operations and continuous improvement.


7 Downtime is a Four Letter Word

Towline applications are sometimes counted on to run nearly nonstop for long periods of time, so companies using towlines for material handling cannot afford downtime to occur during work hours. As mentioned in this post, towlines are very demanding on casters.

Towline applications require casters that:

  • Will not slide laterally
  • Can endure high speeds
  • Can withstand the heat from high speeds

With a proactive maintenance approach, a company can source a caster wheel with a low total cost of ownership. The CC Apex has a strong reputation for being great in towline applications. In fact, the CC Apex has proven to maintain grip at high speeds, and doesn't slide. Additionally, the CC Apex's aluminum core won't overheat or bog down movement.


The CC Peak is a heavy-duty swivel caster rig with a maintenance-free raceway. The raceway uses a proprietary two-bearing system, a thrust and tapered roller bearing. The tapered roller bearing distributes load evenly across the top plate, combating shock forces and adding stability. The thrust bearing has seated ball bearings, making it very precise for the raceway to spin real easily, reducing push/pull efforts.

Proactive Casters For Towlines

CC Apex caster wheel paired with CC Peak rig

If you are interested in learning more about the advantages that the CC Apex and CC Peak can offer your towline application, contact us today!