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Perfect Casters and Wheels for Metal Fabrication, Aerospace & Medical Environments

Caster Connection specializes in recommending the perfect products for your application and environment. This month, Caster Connection is featuring products perfect for Metal Fabrication, Aerospace and Medical environments.

CC Apex

The introduction of our CC Apex line of wheels and casters into your application offers an advantage over the competition by improving strength and ergonomics without compromising durability. They are quiet and will protect your floors.


Our collection of Blickle products are a favorite in the aerospace industry, providing some of the most technologically advanced wheels and casters around, designed to protect your expensive equipment.
Blickle products are some of the most advanced in the caster and wheel industry. Their scientific approach ensures quality and reliability, and they carry a wide array of safe, clean, noise-reducing products.

Medcasterlogo 350x84

MedCaster offers a complete line of wheels and casters designed for the medical and hospital industries. These products include anti-microbial wheels and casters to prevent the spread of diseases.

Tentelogo 350x113

TENTE offers a full line of hospital related casters and wheels. The majority of hospital bed casters currently in use are made by TENTE, including the popular Hill-Rom brand of hospital beds. A wide array of products coupled with years of experience makes TENTE a standby in the healthcare industry.