Caster Connection carries all lines of MedCaster casters.

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MedCaster offers a complete line of Healthcare Casters and Hospital Casters designed specifically for today’s sophisticated and demanding medical and pharmaceutical environments.

Applications for MedCaster products include Hospital Bed Casters, Steel Casters, Locking Casters, Clean Room Casters & Wheels, Antimicrobial Casters & Wheels and more.

MedCaster Antimicrobial Wheels

Load Capacity Per Caster: 165-325 lbs


Antimicrobial casters and wheels of many sizes are engineered to be effective against microbes for the life of the wheel. The active ingredients in this compound neutralize the ability of microbes to function, grow and reproduce.


Hospitals, Laboratories, Food Service Industry, Cleanrooms


MedCaster Neoprene Casters

Load Capacity Per Caster: 175 lbs


Precision Ball Bearings for easier Rollability, Bright Chrome Finish, Non-Marking


Hospitals, Laboratories, Food Service Industry


MedCaster Plastic Antistatic Casters

Load Capacity Per Caster: 220-265 lbs


MedCaster Plastic Antistatic (PA) casters and wheels are waterproof, feature precision ball bearings, are resistant to most chemicals, have an optional total lock brake or directional lock on swivel casters. These casters are ideal in uses for equipment that can be damaged from exposure to static.


Computer/Electronic Equipment, Case Carts, Medical Equipment, Hospital Carts, Washdown applications, Institutional Equipment


Bed Casters

Load Capacity Per Caster: 175-265 lbs


MedCaster's Bed Casters meet several ISO standards, feature a variety of brake types, overall heights, full thread guards and weight capacities. Stainless steel versions are resistant to many cleaning and disinfectant solutions.


Hospital Beds, Stretchers, Gurneys, Medical Chains, Ultrasonic Equipment