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Metal Chip Rejecting Caster Wheels


At Caster Connection, we understand that the high demand needs of metal fabrication and metal manufacturing require strong casters that dispel debris, are ergonomic and durable, and require infrequent maintenance. That’s why we created the CC Apex line of casters and wheels: ergonomic and durable wheels that can meet your challenges.

Let Caster Connection help you select the right product the first time, saving you money and hassle.


The CC Apex is an innovation in the caster industry. After being approached by a top customer regarding their need for advanced wheels and casters, Caster Connection developed a strong, quiet, ergonomic wheel that can meet the demands of any environment. The CC Apex was designed to:

  • Be strong and durable
  • Improve pushing/pulling ergonomics
  • Be quiet and clean
  • Reduce the need for maintenance

The high-quality polyurethane wheel:

  • Dramatically reduces required push/pull force
  • Handles high load requirements
  • Requires less maintenance, protects floors, and never flat-spots
  • Dispels debris and metal shavings

The CC Apex embodies all of the characteristics that are critical to a high performance, durable and versatile wheel that will provide a solution for your application.

The CC Apex wheel is available in 4" x 2", 5" x 2", 6" x 2", 8" x 2".

Other industries that the CC Apex line works well for include:

  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Hospitals and Medical Environments
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Aerospace



Together, the CC Apex wheel and Blickle’s rig with an ideal-stop brake create arguably the best caster on earth.

You’ve already read about the awesome attributes of the CC Apex wheel by itself, but what about the other huge component of a caster: the rig?

The ideal-stop brake does not rotate because it is attached to the rig’s top plate, (in contrast to standard brakes which are attached to the rig’s forks) meaning that the ideal-stop brake cannot rotate into an unreachable position.

Most braking systems swivel with the wheel, so when the wheel is positioned under the frame of the cart, so is the brake. The team member will then need to re-position the entire dolly to activate the brake and secure the dolly, requiring awkward and potentially injury-causing movements.

In contrast, the ideal-stop brake stays in the same position even as the caster swivels. This allows engineers to position the brake in the exact position that will make it easy to engage when the dolly is moved into the desired position. This saves time, energy and reduces the risk of injury dramatically.

The CC Apex is the most ergonomic wheel of it’s kind, and when combined with a caster featuring the ideal-stop brake, your carts achieve superior maneuverability, protection of products, and protection of workers.

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