Low Overall Height Caster Solutions

Are you looking for a caster that holds a lot of weight but is also very low to the ground? It seems like we all are these days but finding the right one can be difficult. That’s why we’ve compiled a short list of casters that will hopefully help solve your overall height headaches. All of these casters are between 1.3” and 4” in height, hold the maximum weight capacities of their class and are available for purchase right here on Caster Connection’s website.

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Great Low Profile Caster Options



The “better-than-high-heat-phenolicHamilton Scorcher caster is the best of both worlds. Not only can it take temperatures of up to 550℉ Fahrenheit, it is non-marking and can handle exposure to light chemicals. Combine that with it’s 4” overall height and 260 lbs. weight capacity, it’s a solid low overall height choice. They are well suited for bakeries and other environments where heat is an issue.

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Caster Connection’s own CCAPEX-A3S takes the blue ribbon for this category. The sealed precision ball bearings ensure a quiet ride perfect for hospital environments while the special orange polyurethane keeps things rolling smooth. Combined with a dust cap to keep out debris, this caster it won’t wake the babies in the nursery. At 3-7/8” overall height and a weight capacity of 300 lbs., it is truly versatile. To top it all off it’s also maintenance-free!

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The 03MA25IB3668YY is a very low overall height threaded stem caster with a heavy weight capacity. The wheel is made of glass-filled nylon which won’t flat spot and is ideal for wet conditions. It can hold up to 350 lbs. while only being 3-3/8” tall. This is a well-rounded caster that won’t let you down in the garage or in the warehouse.



There’s low and then there’s the lowest. Caster Connection carries two casters that are lower than all of the other overall heights mentioned. These are truly remarkable casters. Blickle’s LPA-VSTH 35K has an overall height of only 52 mm (1.3”) but it can still carry 220 lbs.! It comes equipped with a non-marking polyurethane and a dust cap. It’s bigger brother, the LKPA-VSTH 50K, has a 50 mm (1.97”) overall height and can hold 350 lbs.! Amazing! They’re great for hotels, hospitals, warehouses and any other place where overall height and noise reduction are priorities.



Leveling casters are great for holding static loads while maintaining a low overall height. What they lack in mobility, they make up for in strength. The LV0300V4 has an overall height of just 3.23" and a whopping 600 lbs. weight capacity!

These are just a couple options of what we have available on our website. If you're feeling lucky, use the tab on the left hand side of the Caster Connection main page (plate mount casters, stem mount casters) to sort casters any way you want. As always, if you need a more specialized solution don't hesitate to contact our knowledgeable solutions staff!