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How To Choose Casters By Application, Environment, And Floor Surface

Application, operating environment, and floor surface are three main concerns when selecting the right casters. What does the application require of the caster? Is noise a factor within the environment? What kind of floor will the caster roll on? Read on to learn how to choose casters by application, environment, and floor surface.

Floor Damage


There are so many different casters to choose from in the world. Paralysis by analysis might kick in when trying to decide which caster is best for your needs.


For starters, one should consider if the caster will be mounted to a manual or power-operated application. The answer to this can filter out irrelevant options.

For instance, a kingpin swivel caster rig is not suitable for towline applications because high-velocity towing can wear down the kingpin and cause catastrophic failure. A kingpinless swivel caster rig is more qualified for towlines. Without the kingpin, a caster is able to more evenly distribute weight and ease the pressure on the raceway.

(Read more about the Best and Worst Casters for Towline Applications here.)


An operating environment can make or break a caster's performance. Do you need to follow noise regulations? Will the caster be operating in a wet or dry environment? Is the operating environment hot, cold, or neutral?

Additionally, debris can add unwanted friction to a caster wheel, increasing its rolling resistance and decreasing ergonomic performance. If the application is manually operated, the friction from the debris can put the operator at risk of injury. Not to mention that debris on caster wheels can result in floor damage.


A point that is often overlooked, certain caster wheel materials are not appropriate on specific floor types. Thus, the floor the caster wheel will be rolling on will dictate the caster's appropriateness for the job. Using an improper caster wheel on a given floor type can lead to caster disaster.

Damaged floors from using inappropriate casters


All things considered, a caster's performance depends on its application, operating environment, and floor surface. Taking these into account early on can help you choose the right caster the first time. If you need further help in selecting the right caster, reach out to us today. We will get you in touch with one of our Regional Solutions Managers.