CC Stark


The CC Stark caster wheel is composed of high quality reaction injected polyurethane bonded to an aluminum core. With a 92 Shore A durometer, the CC Stark wheel provides low rolling resistance, low noise, and extremely high load capacity compared to other 8” x 2” polyurethane tread caster wheels in the industry.

The benefits of the CC Stark include:

High weight capacity, even in high speed tow line applications

Low rolling resistance for increased ergonomics

Dispels debris typically picked up by lesser quality polyurethane

Reduces downtime and maintenance costs

• Holds up under the most demanding and rigorous applications

The CC Stark is the perfect solution for end users who understand the value of carrying substantial weight at high speeds, and for those who care to avoid preventable maintenance and repair costs.

If you’re looking to increase the load capacity of a cart or dolly  without  increasing the diameter of the wheel, CC Stark is your solution.



CC Stark SwivelCC Stark Rigid