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Benefits Of A Maintenance-free Rig With An Extended-lead


CC Peak's Maintenance-free Raceway

CC Peak's Maintenance-free Raceway

As mentioned in this post, the CC Peak is a swivel caster rig with a maintenance-free raceway. The CC Peak raceway uses a proprietary two-bearing system; a thrust and tapered roller bearing. The tapered roller bearing distributes load evenly across the top plate. By all means, this helps combat shock forces and add stability for the application. The thrust bearings make it precise for the raceway to spin easily - reducing push/pull efforts. In addition, the raceway of the CC Peak is sealed with lifelong grease, requiring no need for maintenance.


10 inch CC Apex in CC Peak Maintenance Free Extended-Lead Rig

10 inch CC Apex in CC Peak Maintenance Free Extended-Lead Rig

The swivel lead of a caster is the distance from the center of the top plate to the center of the axle. The swivel lead is one of the biggest determining factors in push/pull efforts. The longer the swivel lead, the lower the push/pull force required to move a cart.

Unlike a standard swivel lead, an extended swivel lead rig offers the caster a smooth rotation to the trailing position, improving the CC Peaks' performance and durability, meaning an extended-lead will not wear out the CC Peak's raceway or bearings by fluttering - a problem standard swivel leads can cause.



CC Apex with the CC Peak

Mentioned earlier, pairing a correct wheel and a maintenance-free rig can yield ergonomic and performance benefits to the operator. As previously explained in this post, the CC Apex helps lower chances of injuries and downtime. The polyurethane of the CC Apex contains ergonomic properties that reduce push/pull efforts when rolling. Together, both the CC Apex and CC Peak can reduce a cart operator’s biomechanical load by 25-50% through push/pull.


To summarize, the CC Peak's ergonomic design enables low push/pull forces, smooth rotation, and requires no maintenance, ultimately lowering the risk of downtime and worker’s injury. For added ergonomic benefits, CC Peak rigs are offered with extended swivel leads. An extended swivel lead complements the CC Peak's raceway by enabling a smooth rotation to the trailing position. The CC Apex is the recommended caster wheel pairing for the CC Peak.

If you need more insight on whether the CC Apex and CC Peak will suit your needs, contact us today!