6 Problems Caster Connection Solves

August 29, 2017  |  Casters,

Caster Connection tends to a host of issues and concerns within the material handling industry. This post covers a few of the 6 problems Caster Connection solves.

1. Moving weight for less at faster speeds

Joe Lyden: From a client standpoint, the things that we’re consistently dealing with are people wanting to move more for less. So, they want to move more weight at faster speeds, for either the same price or less. That is probably the biggest challenge that we run into. Setting expectations is critical, for example, getting the client to understand that they can only accomplish a certain number of things and then prioritizing what’s most important to them and going from there. It’s important to focus on some of my past experiences or something from the client's perspective that they can understand so that you’re not making promises that you can’t keep.

the things that we’re consistently dealing with are people wanting to move more for less

2. Ergonomic problems, durability problems

Brad Hays: There are a lot of different problems. Our clients have no shortage of issues to solve. Anything from the right stem attachments to the right wheel for the floor surface they’re going to be rolling on. Every now and again you get a really challenging question of what to provide for a washdown environment or an environment where there are chemicals, or maybe they’re concerned about bacteria on the floor. So, it’s important to be able to provide the right wheel for any situation.

Eric Hassen: Ergonomic problems, durability problems, a multitude of problems. It’s not just caster problems. It’s like playing Tetris with material-handling equipment.

Josh Cramer: As a Client Solutions Representative I have dealt with many different situations. I’ve put casters in outer space. I have helped a grandma put casters on a coffee table. I have spec’d casters in automotive manufacturing plants. We also have a vintage caster line that I’ve had a lot of experience with. I’ve sold a lot vintage casters to boutique retail stores, interior designers and architects.

3. Educating clients of new innovative products

Dave Bausch: Providing clients with appropriate caster solutions for their applications. We usually find that the proper caster isn’t being used or clients are simply not aware of the new innovative products available to them now.

4. Shortening lead times for fast delivery

World Time Zones

Brian Cameron: The biggest challenge for me now is keeping up with the expectations we have set for our clients. We have made a huge push to shorten lead times, which has been a big reason for our success. On the flipside of that, fast delivery has become expected no matter what our workload is here. It really is a collection of all of the company that allows us to outperform. I’m just another spoke in the wheel of the machine that is Caster Connection.

5. Ensuring clients' experience is smooth from start to finish

Quentin Casey: All types, internally and externally. I am here to ensure that our clients' experience with us is as smooth as possible from the get-go. I will use my customer service experience, product knowledge, and current sales training to bridge any gap between our internal and external team so we can efficiently and effectively serve our clients.

6. Finding the right product for the right application

Morgan Hughes: Casters are frequently ignored until a problem has presented itself; the most common issue I encounter would be the need for a product that will solve the issue, and the need to have that product as soon as humanly possible. Sometimes the product was needed yesterday. I understand the importance our clients place on their material handling equipment, and I strive to help them keep their business in motion.

James Rappaport: A lot of problems I run into are caster-related, and involves helping clients solve their ergonomic issues, overall height problems and finding the right product that fits the project's budget and can last for quite awhile.

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