Pop It & Lock It: The Truth About Floor Locks

September 19, 2017  |  Product Information, CastersBrands

Floor locks are designed to keep an application stationary and stable by extending a non-marking rubber foot pad to the floor when a pedal is engaged (like a brake). They're great at reinforcing already locked casters. Also, they provide more stability while loading or unloading a cart or dolly.

Why do I need a floor lock?

Casters, even when the brake engages, will still wobble slightly. Further more, depending on the position of the caster, the brake pedal can be unreachable.  This causes problems while loading and unloading an application.

Caster Brake Under Cart - Needs Floor Lock

This brake cannot be engaged because the pedal is underneath the application.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing a floor lock

  • Floor locks should only be used on level ground
  • The size of the floor lock should correspond to the diameter of the wheels on the application. 8" caster? 8" floor lock.
  • Floor locks are not intended to lift or elevate the application. They are intended to be a supplemental support and cannot carry the weight of the entire application. It’s a brake, not a jack!

Floor Locks from Caster Connection

Kick Bar

Kick Bar Floor Lock

This style floor lock has the top plate positioned long ways. This is perfect for mounting the floor lock on the side of an application as opposed to the traditional front/back formation. The kick bar floor lock is also our most economical option.

Hammer Lock

Hammer Floor Lock Hammer Floor Lock

The hammer floor lock is our most durable and heavy-duty floor lock. It’s easy to engage and easy to release.


Pedal Floor Lock

The traditional floor lock. A wide pedal for easy engagement

What Caster Connection Recommends

Floor locks are fine and dandy but they really just overcompensate for the brakes on your casters. What if there was a caster that could essentially do the same thing as a floor lock?

Blickle Ideal Stop on Cart - Replaces Floor Locks  Blickle Ideal Stop - Replaces Floor Locks

The Blickle Ideal-Stop caster rig is the floor lock killer. The Ideal-Stop pedal is fixed in the trailing position making it always easy to engage. The rig also acts as a position lock so when the brake is engages it can’t swivel or move, therefore making it even more stable. The Ideal-Stop alleviates the need for floor locks on 99% of applications.

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