Casters are a combination of several components (wheel, rig/fork, bearing, and more), each of which come in different varieties and sizes. Therefore, a caster can be comprised of a near infinite number of component options. Different types of component options work well depending on several different factors. In this section we go through some of the major factors that help you determine what type of caster you need.

Important considerations in caster selection include:




The type of application you’re putting casters on is extremely important. For example, you probably don’t want to use casters for an auto rotisserie on a coffee table. Below are some things to keep in mind when choosing the right casters for an application.

How much weight will you be carrying?

How do you plan to move items with the casters?

Pushing? Pulling? Towing?

Do you need casters purely for aesthetics? If so, our CC Vintage line is for you!

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CC Apex Electrostatic Dissipating Casters     CC Stout Casters    CC Apex Casters    CC Nylex Casters  CC Peak Maintenance Free Caster Rigs   CC Vintage Casters and Wheels


Some brands are known more for quality than others.  Our CC Series has been proven in the field time and time again. Caster Connection’s line of casters and wheels are known for improving total cost of ownership and reducing downtime due to failures. Our brands include, CC Apex, CC Stout, CC Peak, CC Nylex, CC Vintage


Distributor Brands

Caster Connection distributes a host of different caster and wheel brands. Below are links to some of the more popular brands.

Hamilton Casters and Wheels    Blickle Casters and Wheels    Durable Superior Casters and Wheels   Algood Casters and Wheels    Trio Pines Casters and Wheels


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Where are you using this caster? Depending on whether your area is hot, cold, dirty or clean you’ll need casters that can handle it. Floors are a key factor when selecting a caster. “Clean rooms” in particular also require specialized casters. There can be many factors to consider regarding environment of casters. Below are some resources designed to help you pick the right caster for your environs.

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Certain components and/or complete casters are considered industry standard – and luckily for you Caster Connection is the perfect partner to advise you on this. Contact us to get rolling on recommendations!