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When a John Deere facility in the midwest faced significant ergonomic push/pull issues that were jeopardizing the safety of their workers and hampering productivity, they knew they needed a reliable solution. In their quest for assistance, they turned to the experts at Caster Connection, a renowned provider of innovative caster solutions for various industries.

CC Apex HD Caster Significantly Reduce Push/Pull at John Deere Facility

Situated in the heart of the Midwest, this John Deere facility relied on cab loader dollies to efficiently transport tractor and other vehicle cabs throughout their sprawling premises. The casters on these dollies were tasked with bearing substantial loads of up to 2,700 pounds while still allowing for smooth manual pushing or pulling without straining the workers. However, the soft grey rubber wheels they had been using fell short of meeting the necessary ergonomic standards for this specific application.

Old Wheels on Cab Loader Dolly
Ineffective Soft Rubber Wheels Originally Used By Client

Understanding the urgency of the situation, our dedicated team of caster specialists promptly met with the facility's personnel to gain a comprehensive understanding of their unique requirements. After careful assessment and analysis, our seasoned experts confidently recommended upgrading their existing casters to the robust 12" x 3" CC Apex HD casters.

We conducted thorough push/pull testing tailored to the manufacturer's specific needs to validate our recommendation and ensure optimal performance. The results were nothing short of impressive, clearly demonstrating why the CC Apex HD casters were the superior choice for this industry-leading farm equipment manufacturer.

Compared to their previous soft grey rubber wheels, implementing the CC Apex HD casters yielded remarkable ergonomic improvements and substantial reductions in push/pull forces. Notably, the manufacturer witnessed a staggering 45% decrease in the force required for the initial push and an impressive 41% reduction in sustained push/pull forces when all wheels were aligned. These significant improvements immediately translated into a safer and more efficient work environment.

Moreover, even when starting with a turned axle, the benefits of the CC Apex HD casters remained evident. The manufacturer experienced a substantial 43% reduction in the force required for the initial push, complemented by a commendable 33% decrease in sustained push/pull forces. These results further underscored the unmatched performance and reliability of the CC Apex HD casters.

Cab Loader Dolly Equipped with CC Apex HD Wheels

Following the successful implementation of our caster solution, this John Deere facility witnessed a dramatic decrease in workplace injuries, as the ergonomic design of the CC Apex HD casters effectively minimized strain on the workers during manual transportation tasks. By prioritizing worker safety and well-being, the facility experienced a surge in overall productivity, as employees were able to perform their duties more efficiently and without the fear of potential injuries.

Impressed by the outstanding performance and longevity of the CC Apex HD casters, the industrial farm equipment manufacturer has continued to rely on this caster solution for over five years. The remarkable durability and consistent performance of these casters have instilled confidence in the facility's decision-makers, ensuring that their critical transportation needs are met effectively and efficiently.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Caster Connection and this John Deere facility exemplifies the transformative power of innovative caster solutions. By addressing the ergonomic push/pull issues head-on and providing the superior CC Apex HD casters, we not only helped enhance worker safety and reduce the risk of injuries but also bolstered productivity and operational efficiency within the manufacturing facility. This partnership's enduring success and longevity stand as a testament to the unparalleled quality and performance of Caster Connection's caster solutions in demanding industrial environments.


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