On-Time Solutions: Caster Connection Saves the Day

December 28, 2017

Owners of a storefront were worried they had to delay the grand opening of a new location due to an inability to get a set of casters on time. They were using gate casters on 3’ x 10’ doors as a replacement for an industrial garage door. In order to literally open their doors, they needed those casters. Frustrated with the turnaround from another caster company, the owners contacted Caster Connection.

Caster Connection's Website Makes it Quick and Easy

Through Caster Connection’s website, they were able easily navigate and choose the perfect gate caster for their application. The question was, could Caster Connection get them the casters in time for the grand opening? 100%. Not only did Caster Connection get their order delivered in record time, the casters cost less!

Not quite the same door but you get the idea!

The owners jump for joy when their order arrives in just two days. The gate casters work beautifully and the new store opened without any issues. Caster Connection is now their preferred supplier for casters and wheels.

As usual, Caster Connection steps in to keep business in motion. Do you have a problem? Because Caster Connection will solve it. Contact us today for dilemma-solving.