CC Nylex Saves Time & Money in Dough Making Facility

October 27, 2017

A large baking facility was having problems with carts carrying heavy amounts of dough. The carts were using phenolic wheels with roller bearings. The phenolic wheels couldn’t handle the heavy weight loads and the roller bearings made the carts extremely difficult to push and pull. As a consequence, the carts required constant maintenance.

A Caster Connection Regional Solutions Manager inspected the facility and recommended using CC Nylex solid elastomer wheels with sealed precision ball bearings. The CC Nylex wheels are able to carry the 2100 lb. weight load of the dough carts with no problem. The sealed precision ball bearings ensure ease of movement. This made the carts much easier to push and pull, resulting in less strain on employees and faster productivity.

After an initial test run on one cart, the facility decided to outfit all of the carts. Six months after replacing all of the phenolic wheels with CC Nylex, none of the wheels have failed and all of the team members at the facility are able to maneuver the carts with ease. Now, more time can be focused on making dough rather than replacing casters.