Trio Pines Casters

Caster Connection carries all lines of Trio Pines casters.

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Triopines Light Duty Industrial Casters - Series TP3600

Load Capacity Per Caster: n/a

  • Unique double swivel design results in same overall height as most duo-level casters.
  • Exceptional ease of use and quietness in the swivel operation.
  • Zinc plated.
  • Seal in raceway helps guard against dust, dirt, etc.
  • Ball bearings in the 4" and 5" wheels add extra maneuverability.
  • Octagonal upper cup standard on threaded stem casters.

Service carts for hotel, hospitals, restaurants, Bakery racks and Light duty stock carts


Triopines Light Medium Duty Casters - Series TP5000

Load Capacity Per Caster: n/a

  • Yoke assembly formed from heavily embossed steel.
  • 1/2" king pin hydraulically upset to increase shock absorbing capacity.
  • Zinc plated.
  • A variety of plates and fastenings for nearly every need.

Stock carts, Bakery racks, Food service equipment


Triopines Stainless Steel Casters Series TP5100

Load Capacity Per Caster: n/a

  • Stainless steel won't rust or corrode under most situations.

Wash-Down carts. Stainless racks. Food service equipment. Hospital equipment


Triopines Medium Heavy Duty Casters - Series TP6600

Load Capacity Per Caster: n/a

  • Hardened raceway for strength.
  • Corrosion-resistant zinc plated finish.
  • Nut and bolt king pin
  • Zerk fittings in wheel and swivel bearings.
  • Legs welded by machine for uniform consistency and strength.
  • Wide selection of wheels for a wide selection of applications.
  • Swivel radius is set for maximum maneuverability under a full load.
  • 2-1/2 " fork spacing.
  • Special Optional 7-1/2 " Overall height available on 6"

Stock carts, platform trucks, wire shelving units, heavy appliances (ovens, freezer, etc.), factories, warehouses, heavy foodservice equipment


Triopines Business Machines Casters - Series TP8000

Load Capacity Per Caster: n/a

  • Full double race construction.
  • Side Lock Brake standard.
  • Provides floor protection and excellent mobility.
  • Low-profile design.
  • Bright zinc finish standard.
  • Top Plate thickness ; Standard type : 5/32" and Heavy Duty : 1/4"

Triopines Scaffold Casters - Series TP8900

Load Capacity Per Caster: n/a

  • "Dual-Unison" locking system engages both wheel brake and swivel lock simultaneously, and is hand or foot operated
  • When fully locked, will not disengage .
  • Thread guards standard : Helps keep out dirt, dust, and other caster- hazardous materials that affect the wheel bearing.
  • It's called a scaffold caster, but it's also ideally suited for floodlight stands, motion picture equipment and other movable work platforms that need to roll and stay put.
  • The most popular stem is standard, but inquiries on other sizes are welcome.
  • Zerk fittings provided in the axle and swivel for lubrication.

Triopines Workstation Casters - Series TP9300

Load Capacity Per Caster: n/a

  • Built-in stabilizer is adjustable.
  • Rubber stabilizer "post" helps absorb shaking and shock.
  • Excellent low-profile caster for workstations that only occasionally move.
  • Stabilizer acts as a miniature "lock" when fully engaged-prevents caster from moving.
  • Strong nylon wheel is non-marking.
  • Double race swivel design.
  • Available in top plate and stemless fastenings.
  • Application include : Computer workstations. Work tables. Printer and electronic stands.
  • Corrosion-resistant zinc plated finish, sleek chrome plating or Ivory powder coating for extra style.
  • Extra load capacity with stabilizer engaged.