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Caster Connection carries all series of Trew casters and wheels.

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TREW - Polyurethane Wheels on Cast Iron

  • Polyurethane on cast iron is the most versatile and cost effective industrial wheel on the market. Trew's polyurethane tread is liquid cast and chemically bonded to a Class 30 solid web cast iron center. The tread is resistant to most chemicals, protects floors, is quiet, has great load bearing, wears like iron, and is non-marking and non-sparking. The wheels can be equipped with a variety of bearings including the easy rolling ball bearing setup. We offer a very large selection of sizes and bearing combinations. If what you need is not listed, please consult the factory.
  • Liquid Cast Tread: Wheels are liquid cast polyurethane, chemically bonded to durable cast iron centers.
  • Solid Web Casting: Most centers have a solid web design which affords greater strength and allows easier cleaning.
  • Unique Crown Tread: TREW's unique crown tread design with non-parting-line affords optimum rollability and comes standard in most sizes with widths of 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", and 3". Please specify if flat tread is desired.

TREW - Polyurethane Wheels on Heavy Duty Iron

  • The same quality construction as our standard polyurethane on iron wheels except that treads are thicker than standard and the cast iron centers are a heavier design. All designs are based on the very rigorous expectations of the automotive industry. The thicker treads provide more cushioning and greater load bearing capacity within certain parameters. The heavy duty construction of these wheels make them ideal for power towed applications. For more extreme capacity applications we offer extra hard 70D polyurethane treads on all sizes listed. Consult the factory for details.
  • Solid Web Heavy Duty Centers: Most of the solid web cast iron centers in this series have a minimum 1/2" cross section thickness throughout to insure greater strength. All tires are "liquid cast" polyurethane in either 1/2" or 1" thickness, chemically bonded to these extra rugged centers. Durometer hardness of 95A is standard.
  • Tapered Bearings: Grease-packed precision tapered roller bearings are available in all sizes. Seals and lube fittings are standard with tapered roller bearings.

Designed for and widely used by the, automotive industry

TREW - "Trew Glide" Polyurethane Wheels on Iron with Precision Ball Bearings

  • By combining the durability and load bearing characteristics of polyurethane wheels with precision ball bearings, we have created an easy rolling, low maintenance workhorse of a wheel. The "sealed for life" precision grade ball bearings never need lubrication and the T-Bushing setup allows the user to tighten down the axle without constricting the inner race. Greatly improved rollability solves many ergonomic problems. Frequently, this results in reduced workplace injuries.
  • Even Better Rollability: Also available in special urethanes that can further improve rollability by as much as 40%.
  • Debris / Chip Resistant: All sizes are available with a special compound that effectively resists debris and chips.
  • Crown Tread: No-parting-line crown tread is standard on most sizes from 4" to 12" diameter.


TREW - Mold-on Rubber Wheels on Iron

  • Rubber tired iron wheels that American industry has grown to trust. By vulcanizing specially formulated rubber tread to iron centers we have created a truly rugged combination. Our top quality domestic rubber has nearly twice the military specifications for tensile strength. Its "springiness" allows improved rollability and some degree of debris rejection. Rubber tired wheels are known for excellent floor protection, very quiet operation and a cushioned ride even on rough floors. Standard tread is 70A hardness; also available in 90A extra hard, neoprene, and gray non-marking rubber.
  • Solid Web Casting: Most centers have solid webs to provide greater strength and allow easier cleaning. Wheels are painted aluminum and include grease fitting in sizes greater than 5".
  • Hardness: Rubber Durometer hardness of 70A is standard. Extra hard (90A Durometer), neoprene and gray non-marking compounds are available as an option on all sizes.
  • Rough Floors: Rubber treads are an excellent choice for workplace where floors are rough or noise is a problem. The cushioning effect of rubber tread offers excellent protection for floors and cargo.
  • Operating Temperatures: Trew's standard 70A Durometer rubber tread has an operating temperature range of -70

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