Series 4000

Series 4000

Hamilton Casters Series 4000

Cush-N-Tuf Casters

Capacity Range: 450 - 850 lbs.

Series: 4000

Cushion rubber tires on high-impact polypropylene wheel centers suit Cush-N-Tuf™ Casters for fragile loads, or for service outdoors, over rough floors, dockboard lips and elevator sills. Unlike pneumatics, Ace-Tuf® tires won't deflate and can't be punctured. Industrial duty ball bearings are standard in all wheels. The casters–cold forged double ball race swivels and matching plate steel rigids– are bright zinc plated to complement the natural corrosion resistance of the Ace-Tuf® wheel. Check the attractive prices, too.

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Part Number Caster Type Overall Height Top Plate Wheel Diameter Weight Capacity Range Details
S-4008-AT No No No No No Details
R-4008-AT No No No No No Details
S-4208-AT No No No No No Details
R-4208-AT No No No No No Details
S-4108-AT No No No No No Details
R-4108-AT No No No No No Details
S-4010-AT No No No No No Details
R-4010-AT No No No No No Details
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Caster Type
  1. Swivel
  2. Rigid
Wheel Diameter
  1. 8"
  2. 10"
Weight Capacity Range
  1. 251 - 500 lbs.
  2. 501 - 1,000 lbs.
Top Plate
  1. 4" x 4-1/2"
  2. 4-1/2" x 6-1/4"
  3. 5" x 5-1/2"
Overall Height
  1. 9-1/2"
  2. 11-1/2"