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Vintage Casters for Furniture and More

Perfect for DIY Projects

Caster Connection’s CC Vintage line of casters offers the rustic look of an antique, with the functionality and mobility of a brand new caster. These casters are designed for aesthetic purposes to complement furniture and fixture pieces. Our vintage casters are available in a variety of colors, depending on wheel type - ranging from matte black, to classic raw finish, to pink, and other bright tones!

CC Vintage casters are available in 4”, 5”, 6”, and 8” wheel diameters, with options of classic cast iron*, black rubber, or non-marking black polyurethane tread.

*Only the cast iron wheels can be finished in non-black colors.

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Poly Vintage Stem Caster

Stop searching the garage! Caster Connection’s CC Vintage Casters are perfect for DIY and home projects. Make your furniture rustic-chic, stylish, and mobile - with a bit of industrial flair!

Vintage Barn Door CastersDIY Casters on Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Actual antique casters are expensive and unreliable because, well...they’re old. How do you know that our CC Vintage casters are built to last? CC Vintage casters are new casters chemically treated to look aged, meant for industrial and commercial applications.

*Each vintage caster is unique, with different details, and may include intentional imperfections (i.e. nicks, scrapes, rust/corrosion, and blemishes) for aesthetic purposes.


Stop searching the garage! Caster Connection’s CC Vintage casters are perfect for DIY and home projects. Make your furniture rustic-chic, stylish, and mobile!

Whether you need an antique style or retro caster, you're sure to find the perfect aesthetic at

Check out the accompanying video for a couple examples of awesome DIY creations.

DIY Projects' Best Friend: Vintage Casters

Black and Orange Coated Caster

Sometimes you need to move stuff, and picking it up just isn’t an option. CC Vintage casters can make your favorite repurposed or treasured findings mobile, but with an attractive, industrial, rustic, chic look. Want a steam punk, retro, or antique look? Caster Connection’s CC Vintage line is what you need.

• Polyurethane on Cast Iron: the non-marking polyurethane tread protects oors from scuffs and scratches.

• Cast Iron: rugged enough for your tool chest or making your sweet new grilling station mobile.

• Rubber on Cast iron: mold-on rubber provides a cushioned ride.



Finishing Options

Caster Connection’s in-house facilities offer the ability to produce a wide range of colors for all vintage rigs/forks and select wheels. Each caster is finished by hand to ensure the highest level of quality and accuracy.

Brown Orange Vintage CasterScarlet Gray Vintage Caster

White Green Vintage Caster



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