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What Separates CC Apex From The Competition?




There are many polyurethane on aluminum casters wheels on the market, and many that consider themselves direct competitors to the CC Apex. However, there are no caster wheels that can compare to the CC Apex.

What separates CC Apex from the competition? That's easy:

  • Excellent performance capabilities, such as:
  • - Superb ergonomic performance
  • - Ability to easily dispel debris, such as weld slag and metal chips
  • - Low decibel output during use
  • - Skid resistance and non floor-marking properties

A wealth of success stories with fortune 500 companies, in a variety of environments.

A team that knows how and when to recommend it. We believe in the CC Apex, but if it's not the right wheel for your needs, we're not recommending it!

No other comparable wheel gets courtside seats (see below)


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