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Top 3 Brake Types To Consider


Ideal Stop Brake

Ideal-Stop Brake

The ideal-stop brake has a brake pedal that remains stationary and is attached to the top plate. That means the brake pedal will never swivel into an unreachable position and the brake pedal is always in sight. Both the total lock and tech lock brakes would require a user to reach under the cart and reposition the caster to lock or unlock it.


Total Lock Brake

Total Lock Brake

The total lock brake locks two mechanisms in one motion by pushing down the pedal, locking both the caster wheel and swivel head. Most total locking brakes are kingpin casters and are not recommended for towing. The kingpin is the #1 cause of caster failure. You can learn more about the kingpin swivel raceway here.


Tech Lock Brake

Tech Lock Brake

The braking mechanism of the tech lock brake trails with the swiveling of the caster and exhibits a positive locking mechanism on the “face” of the caster wheel. A user can feel the tech lock brake engage and can easily disengage the brake with a steel toe boot. The tech lock brake is more suitable for heavy-duty casters.


Deciding on a brake depends squarely on the application and the requirements of the operator(s).

Would you like the brake pedal to remain stationary to avoid leg injuries? Is it important to lock both the swivel head and caster wheel? Do you require a brake solution that can handle heavy-duty applications?

A lot of factors should be taken into consideration when choosing a brake for your casters.

Contact Caster Connection today to narrow down brake options best suited for your application.