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The History Of Our CC Vintage Caster Line

Through months of research and development, Morgan confronted a problem and came up with a solution to share with the world, resulting in a flagship line of products for DIY and furniture projects. This interview touches on the history of Caster Connection's vintage caster line and Morgan's interest in building his own furniture in his personal life.

The challenge was creating something new that looked old – but not too old. Something that looked just right, but also was fully-functional. - Morgan Hughes


What inspired you to create the CC Vintage line on your own?

MH: Necessity is the mother of creation, as they say. I needed something that didn’t exist, so I created it myself.

What challenges did you face when creating the CC Vintage line?

MH: It’s always hard creating something that hasn’t been done before. In this case, the only casters in the world that had the aesthetics that I wanted were old, beat-up, and hard to find. The challenge was creating something new that looked old – but not too old. Something that looked just right, but also was fully-functional.

What are your two favorite casters from the CC Vintage line, and why?

MH: I’m partial to the CCVintage-PW wheels and the punch-out style rigid forks; anything that includes those two components is A-OK with me.


Note: The CCVintage-PW is a variant of our vintage cast iron caster wheel with a polyurethane tread. Caster Connection's punch-out style rigid forks was designed by Morgan to show off the spokes of a vintage cast iron wheel.

What sets the CC Vintage line apart from similar products?

MH: Other than the unique look and feel of the casters, the quality and performance of them is second to none. Being a material handling expert, I was never going to create anything that wouldn’t perform well. It was important to me to get the look just right, but it was also important to create a line of casters and wheels that actually performed in a real world scenario. Yes, these casters look great; but they also work.

Before coming up with the CC Vintage line, you have been building furniture on the side. How and when did you get into that?

MH: I needed a side table. I built a side table. Necessity is the mother of creation.

How would you describe your DIY style?

MH: I like making cool stuff, period. Anything I create, I want someone else to look at it and think, “that’s cool” – and if they can get inspired by something I’ve built, well, that’s the ultimate feeling of satisfaction for me. The one thing I love doing more than anything in the world is helping other people make cool stuff. It’s what the CC Vintage line is all about, and that’s what it means to me.


Shown Above: CCVintage-6R-V2

Do you think that creativity involves putting your heart and soul into your work? Or is it more like letting your mind flow freely to witness the surprising results of your actions?

MH: If I’m not doing something, if I’m not in motion, I’m miserable. My brain is never quiet, and if I stay stationary or buy into some type of feelings of accomplishment, I get very anxious very quickly. So I wouldn’t say that anything I do involves putting my heart or my soul into it, because I don’t think those things even exist. I make things because making things is who I am, and it’s what makes me happy.

What do you do to get into your creative zone?

MH: I’m a big fan of the “shut up and do it” mantra. I don’t do anything to get into a zone or the zone or any zone at all; when I have an idea, I try to make that idea a reality. A little less conversation, a little more action, baby.


What is your favorite creation that you have made with a set of CC Vintage casters? And why?

MH: My favorite thing I’ve ever made is always the next thing I’m going to make. Check back with me in a week. The answer will be the same.

How do you know when a piece or project is finished and needs no additional work?

MH: Nothing is ever finished, it’s just in a state of pseudo-finality. I think that’s the whole idea behind the DIY movement, really.

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