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Terratech Heavy-Duty Casters

Casters vary so much in quality and performance that simply changing one factor in design or construction can literally cause, or prevent, dozens of injuries, millions of dollars in lost productivity, and/or a breakdown in a company’s operations. Because of this, we provide casters that have very specific capabilities and design features. In this case, the TerraTech caster wheel allows you to handle enormous weights with speeds up to 10 mph. If you require world-class performance at these extremes, you can now easily get the TerraTech caster wheel, which was only available for custom ordering in the past. Now, these beasts are readily available to our clients.

Uses and Specs of the Terratech Caster

The TerraTech caster wheel was designed with extremes in mind. High speeds (up to 10 mph) and heavy loads (up to 34,000 lbs. with polyurethane, and up to 22,800 lbs. with rubber). In order to stand up to these high speeds and weights, these caster wheels come with double-stacked, maintenance-free precision ball bearings and a guaranteed-not-to-fail bond-to-rim tread. Sizes range from 9” to 36” and can even be custom ordered in larger sizes if you have a unique application, since these casters are engineered and built right here in the USA.

TerraTech caster wheels

These wheels are designed for heavy-duty applications in industries that put the highest demands on their casters such as aerospace, metal fabrication, heavy industrial manufacturing, construction, etc. TerraTech casters are also perfect for quad-steer carts and the applications that quad-steer carts are designed for. Basically, for any application that requires incredible load capacities and high speeds, these casters have been proven at a world-class level for years.

Materials and Models

The TerraTech caster wheel comes in two different materials: rubber and polyurethane. Polyurethane is perfect for indoor and many outdoor applications, while rubber performs best outdoors but will also work indoors, particularly in the non-marking white. Both of these materials are extremely quiet and provide excellent surface protection. These materials are perfect for fast speeds because of their grip and compression. Both materials excel in a variety of situations and surface conditions. They can handle gravel, dirt, water, grime, thresholds, surface depressions, and more.

There are four main versions of the TerraTech caster: rubber, the standard polyurethane, MAX polyurethane, and Ultra polyurethane. Each caster line was designed to excel in a specific environment. JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser.

Terratech Casters: Rubber

Rubber comes in two main styles: white and black. The main difference is that white rubber is better for indoor use because it does not mark floors. Both caster wheels cushion your load and handle outdoor elements extremely well.

terratech black rubber wheel

The TerraTech in black rubber will move loads up to 22,800 lbs. at 10 mph. It comes in a large variety of sizes. Rubber will not carry as much weight as polyurethane, but it withstands the sun’s ultraviolet rays and moisture much better than polyurethane. You also get more cushioning as your cart moves over rougher terrains, such as gravel, and for this reason, rubber is the superior choice for outdoor use, unless you need higher weight capacities.

white rubber TerraTech wheel

White rubber is great for indoor use. It offers the quietest experience, flows over floors at 10 mph, and protects your valuable flooring exceptionally well. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, but also need to use casters indoors, you should consider white rubber TerraTechs at your weight capacity needs.

Terratech Casters: Standard Polyurethane

Terratech Casters: Standard Polyurethane

Standard polyurethane is a great overall caster for general purpose use. This caster has extremely high cut and tear resistance, but it’s also softer with great compression for weights this heavy. This caster reduces noise and vibration and works extremely well in environments with moisture and cold environments. It comes in a large variety of sizes for whatever your needs are.

Terratech Casters: Max Polyurethane

Terratech Casters: Standard Polyurethane

Sometimes you just need a caster that has an impossibly high load-rating. With a load-rating up to 34,000 lbs., you can be sure that you have a caster that will move whatever you need. This caster can also handle debris, impediments, and rough surfaces, such as you will find in mining or construction environments.

Terratech Casters: Ultra Polyurethane


The TerraTech Ultra allows you to move at 10 mph continuously 24/7. This is virtually unheard of in the caster industry, particularly at weights this heavy (up to 13,000 lbs.). The tread is specially designed to run extremely smooth and cool. It is the best choice for continuous speed and for polyurethane used outdoors.

What Sets the Terratech Caster Apart

The TerraTech caster wheel fills a specific niche in which you need extra heavy weight capacities with the option to go up to 10 mph and, with the right model, do this 24/7. The caster’s design makes this possible, and this design is understandably very durable. In fact, very few, if any, models on the market offer such a high resistance to tearing and to wear and tear in general. You get 3 to 4 years out of these casters running 24/7 (Ultra polyurethane) outside or inside. The caster rolls through most elements and impediments, and the rubber in particular is very resistant to the damage that can be caused by the sun.

In short, these casters excel indoors, outdoors, at high speeds, with extremely heavy weight, through most debris, in moisture, against the sun, and do it for at least 3 to 4 years. On top of this, they’re maintenance-free and made in the USA.

If you have questions about these caster wheels that have been made available to our clients without custom ordering, feel free to click below, and we’ll be glad to work with you on your specific project.