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Stationary Solutions: Leveling Casters

Leveling casters are adjustable-height casters that are ideal for heavier weight loads. They’re great for mobile workspaces, workshop machinery, and hospital equipment. Leveling casters are also a solution for noise reduction related issues. And, as the name implies, they will keep your application level.

Floor Leveling

The caster uses an anti-vibration pad to secure it to the floor. Once the pad is lowered, the application will not move. Unlike a locked swivel caster, the pad won’t wobble and will remain stable. Leveling casters also have a lower profile to help keep the application close to its original overall height.

The wheel is made of hard nylon and won’t mark or scrape flooring. The die-cast aluminum fork allows it to carry extremely heavy weight loads of up to one ton.



Caster Connection’s leveling casters are mounted via a top plate but are available with a hollow kingpin for M12 stems (located in the “fastener” drop down tab). Once the caster is mounted to the application, the anti-vibration pad can be lowered, making the application stationary.

These particular leveling casters have a thumbwheel adjustment. Turn the wheel with your thumb to easily raise or lower the anti-vibration pad. Caster Connection currently sells two sizes of leveling casters; both have overall heights under five inches. The LV1000V has an overall height of 4.72” and can be adjusted up to 0.79”. The LV0300V4 has an overall height of 3.23” and can be adjusted up to 0.47”.


If you’re looking for a practical solution to make your application stationary, quiet and sturdy, Caster Connection’s nylon leveling casters will level you up!

*If you want to make your application permanently stationary, try our table glides.