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Spot-on Solutions From: Quentin Casey

When Quentin was about his ambitions and his new role, he said, “Everyone is motivated by different thingsI don’t like complacency, and enjoy the challenge that comes along with new responsibilities. I'm not comfortable with doing the bare minimum. I like to walk away from an objective knowing I gave it my best. You don’t hit goals and become successful by doing only the minimum."

Eric Hassen explained, “At Caster Connection, we pride ourselves in the fact that we have hardworking team members looking to improve their skill-set and move up the chain. Quentin is a perfect example, as he started in the warehouse assembling casters, to being promoted to Client Solutions Representative, and now Sales Support Manager. Quentin has developed the qualities necessary to succeed, possesses the drive to be the best, and his dedication to Caster Connection made it an easy choice to promote Quentin to the Sales Support Manager role.”

Without further ado, read on for spot-on solutions from Quentin Casey.

How long have you been with Caster Connection?

Quentin Casey: I started in the warehouse just over four years ago. Time flies!

What do you enjoy most about Caster Connection?

QC: Our team here is incredible, the energy is awesome, and we all enjoy a good challenge. There are constantly new opportunities that arise as we continue to grow individually and as a company. We welcome change and that keeps us from becoming stagnant and it makes every day here exciting!

What sets Caster Connection apart from other caster suppliers?

QC: Our solutions-based service and outlook. We listen to our clients and ask questions to get to the bottom of an issue. We provide knowledge to help them be successful and solutions tailored to their needs and goals - whatever that may be.

What kind of problems do you have to solve as a Sales Support Manager?

QC: All types, internally and externally. I am here to ensure that our clients' experience with us is as smooth as possible from the get-go. I will use my customer service experience, product knowledge, and current sales training to bridge any gap between our internal and external team so we can efficiently and effectively serve our clients.


Sales Solutions Manager Quentin Casey

How do you evaluate a clients'/prospects' needs?

QC: You have to really understand a clients’/prospects’ priorities and end-goals for their application to provide the best solution. So, I listen first and then ask any questions needed to find the source of an issue and/or obstacle, so we as a team have all the information and tools necessary to get it fixed right.

What’s your philosophy on serving clients'/prospects'?

QC: I try to put myself in their shoes to better understand their position and then respond to them the same way I would want to be in any given situation. Our clients are people just like us and should be treated as such. You can run a business and be professional while still respecting the human factor.

Which item from Caster Connection’s product line is your favorite and why?

QC: We have a lot of amazing products, but I would have to say the CC Apex. It has been around since I started and continues to be a lucrative product for Caster Connection. It solves so many of our clients' issues – it is truly an amazing caster wheel.



What do you consider the most crucial part of your job?

QC: Creating long-standing relationships by delivering on our promises and keeping our clients in the loop as we work toward a solution.

Why should people trust you for their caster and wheel needs?

QC: We have been a part of the industry for 30 years now, so we have the knowledge to properly serve their needs, and have field data to back it up. That said – I don’t want or expect people to just take my word for it. Contact Caster Connection today and we will show you first-hand!

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