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Spot-on Solutions From: Morgan Hughes

How long have you been with Caster Connection?

Morgan Hughes: 2017 is my 14th year with Caster Connection.

What do you enjoy most about Caster Connection?

MH: Being part of a team that solves problems, every single day.

Together we Are Massive

What sets Caster Connection apart from other caster suppliers?

MH: Caster Connection is the company in the caster industry that other companies mimic. Caster Connection sets the tone. We come up with solutions to problems that our competition didn’t even know existed. We are the torch-bearer, and we wear that badge with honor and gratitude.

What kind of problems do you have to solve as a Solutions Manager?

MH: Casters are frequently ignored until a problem has presented itself; the most common issue I encounter would be the need for a product that will solve the issue, and the need to have that product as soon as humanly possible. Sometimes the product was needed yesterday. I understand the importance our clients place on their material handling equipment, and I strive to help them keep their business in motion.

How do you evaluate a clients'/prospects' needs?

MH: Every application and every situation are different, so to know what the solution is going to be, you need to know which questions to ask. If the wrong caster is recommended or selected for an application, major downtime ensues. Downtime means a loss of productivity, which can be catastrophic on many levels of a business. If you don’t know which questions to ask ahead of time, you’re leaving the success of that business up to chance. We will never put our clients in that position. Ever.


What’s your philosophy on serving clients'/prospects'?

MH: I’m not a salesman, I’m not a service rep, and I’m not an order-taker. I’m a PROBLEM SOLVER who is an expert in my field. I treat people how I would like to be treated if I were in their position, and I provide them with the best solution that will allow them to be successful moving forward.


Solutions Manager Morgan Hughes, with Caster Connection's CC Apex

Which item from Caster Connection’s product line is your favorite and why?

MH: My favorite product line is whichever one puts our clients in a position to be successful, or whichever one solves our clients’ problems. I’m proud of the CC APEX and the CC VINTAGE lines, but my “favorite” product is always going to be the one that gets the job done.

What do you consider the most crucial part of your job?

MH: Adaptability. As I said earlier, every situation has its own unique circumstances and challenges, and the ability to roll with the punches and address every scenario as its own specific challenge is extremely critical to getting it right the first time.

Why should people trust you for their caster and wheel needs?

MH: Because my job is to solve their problems. It’s literally why I get up in the morning. I love the caster industry, and I love helping people; always have, always will.