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Spot-on Solutions From: Josh Cramer

How long have you been with Caster Connection?

Josh Cramer: I started at Caster Connection in June of 2012.

What do you enjoy most about Caster Connection?

JC: Solving problems. I have become very proficient at it during my tenure here. I have a broad knowledge of material handling needs and I like to apply that knowledge and help people.

What sets Caster Connection apart from other caster suppliers?

JC: Our lead times and the product knowledge of our staff, and the proven excellence of our product in the field.

What kind of problems do you have to solve as a Client Solutions Representative?

JC: As a Client Solutions Representative I have dealt with many different situations. I’ve put casters in outer space. I have helped a grandma put casters on a coffee table. I have spec’d casters in automotive manufacturing plants. We also have a vintage caster line that I’ve had a lot of experience with. I’ve sold a lot vintage casters to boutique retail stores, interior designers and architects.

How do you evaluate a clients'/prospects' needs?

JC: I know how to ask the right questions and get to the point. My goal with working with a client is providing them with what they need to solve their problem.

What’s your philosophy on serving clients'/prospects'?

JC: Time is of the essence. When a client reaches out to me and they need me to solve problems they have, I prioritize it. I don’t fool around; I do the research and narrow down the possible solutions that can benefit the clients. I’ll get back to them as soon as I can. Everything I do is time sensitive.



Which item from Caster Connection’s product line is your favorite and why?

JC: I like the CCAPEX-425S and CCAPEX-525R. They are great casters because they can go almost anywhere. They can go in a garage, a restaurant, automotive manufacturing plants, airports, hotels – they’re versatile, dependable all-around casters that last for a long while. I don’t think I ever had to replace one.
I also like the CC Vintage line a lot. I was involved with the engineering process starting from inception to completion.



What do you consider the most crucial part of your job?

JC: Product knowledge and my ability to apply that knowledge to help clients.

Why should people trust you for their caster and wheel needs?

JC: I’m honest and reliable. I don’t tell clients what they might want to hear, I tell them what they need to hear. If I cannot help a client in any sort of way, I will steer them in the right direction to find their solution. 99.9% of the time I can help a client get the product they need at a fair price and deliver it to them with an optimal lead time.