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Spot-on Solutions From: Brad Hays


How long have you been with Caster Connection?

Brad Hays: Nearly 6 years. I was hired on November 9th of 2009.

What do you enjoy most about Caster Connection?

Brad Hays: Selling casters. Obviously, the people that work at Caster Connection, I think we have a great group of people. But I really enjoy selling casters and helping people find solutions to wheel and caster-related problems.

What sets Caster Connection apart from other caster suppliers?

Brad Hays: What sets us apart is our service, without a doubt. I feel like we offer a much better service level. You can contact us and rather than just have someone take an order and spit you out a random caster that may or may not work for your application - we actually get to the bottom of what you need, and find you the best fit based upon what you’re willing to spend.

What kind of problems do you have to solve as a solutions representative?

Brad Hays: There are a lot of different problems. Our clients have no shortage of issues to solve. Anything from the right stem attachments to the right wheel for the floor surface they’re going to be rolling on. Every now and again you get a really challenging question of what to provide for a wash-down environment or an environment where there are chemicals, or maybe they’re concerned about bacteria on the floor. So, it’s important to be able to provide the right wheel for any situation.

How do you evaluate a clients'/prospects' needs?

Brad Hays: By having a personal conversation with them. I really try to get an understanding of the application and what they want out of the solution that we’re going to provide. A lot of times, the client’s needs are maybe a little different than what they describe. So you have to get a handle on what they’re really looking for as a solution and what is the best solution, and then try to merge those 2 together.

What’s your philosophy on serving clients'/prospects'?

Brad Hays: “Right away”, responding right away, even if you don’t have an answer right away. Letting them know that you’re working on an answer by acknowledging that they have contacted you and that you’re on it is important.

Which item from Caster Connection’s product line is your favorite and why?

Brad Hays: CCAPEX-525 or CCAPEX-425 with the Blickle total lock fork. There’s really nothing you can’t do with that caster. It will hold a lot of weight, and it’ll hold up under abuse. The bearing in the wheel is a great sealed bearing, and the total lock pedal on the fork is just a great product.

It can fit food service and it can be used in a healthcare environment. We can go down to manufacturing plants for service carts. The CCAPEX-425 holds 400 pounds and the CCAPEX-525 holds 450 pounds. So you’re talking about 4 casters that can carry almost carry 1800 pounds. That’s a lot for a very small caster like that. I feel like there’s really no limit to where you can put it in. There’s no limitation as far as that goes and that’s probably why the CCAPEX-525 with the Blickle total lock fork is my favorite product.

What do you consider the most crucial part of your job?

Brad Hays: Being honest to the client, being upfront about what you can and can’t do and really coming through on solutions when you say you can provide them. So if you say you’re going to provide the finest solution to this or that, then you truly need to find a solution. Not just what you think is a solution, but one that the client feels is a valued solution. You can know that you provided the best product, but it is more meaningful when the client agrees that you provided the best product.

Why should people trust you for their caster and wheel needs?

Brad Hays: I treat clients/prospects as if I’m the one calling in. I keep in mind how I want to be treated and what I would want to be provided to me and what questions I would want to be asked if I were them.