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Spot-on-solutions From: Austin Brown

How long have been with Caster Connection?

AB: Four short years! I started out in our Warehouse for my first year and I’ve been in our Client Solutions Department for the past three years.

How different does Caster Connection look today from when you started?

AB: We have come such a long way in the four years I’ve been here. When I first started, I was only 20 years old, so it’s been an incredibly positive experience to “grow-up” in parallel with Caster Connection.

Why should people trust us for their casters and wheel needs?

AB: This one is easy! People should trust us because we truly understand their needs and want what’s best for them! We focus on the solutions and we prioritize on having relationships with our clients. We want to possess the safest, efficient, and most profitable environment under our own roof - Caster Connection finds solutions that can guarantee that very same environment for our clients!

Austin Brown

Client Solutions Representative Austin Brown

Which item from Caster Connection’s product line is your favorite and why?

AB: I would have to say that my personal favorite, out of all of the Caster Connection product lines, is our CC Vintage. In my eyes, what sets this line apart from our other products, is how specific and ”niche” this solution is. Most suppliers in our industry fail to see the importance of a caster merely based on its aesthetics. CC Vintage transposes the value of casters; from your warehouse at work, and onto the center-piece in your very own living room. Casters help to make the world go ‘round – and now they can look fantastic while doing it!

Create Your Own Vintage Caster

What do you consider the most crucial part of your job?

AB: Accuracy. My primary function at CCI is the entry of Client Purchase Orders. So, when I’m translating a client PO into our system, accuracy and attention to detail are crucial. A simple typographical error could easily roll downhill and could cause major problems for our clients. I make sure that this does not happen!

What sets our Solutions Team apart from other caster suppliers?

AB: Given the esoteric nature of the caster industry, it can take a lot of time to gain the experience needed to truly find a solution for every client. Our team, however, is “well-seasoned”, in my opinion. I’m constantly hearing stories about incredibly creative solutions that our team has come up with in order to solve (almost) equally as incredible problems for our clients.

What’s your philosophy on serving clients’ needs?

AB: I think having the ability to see things from the clients' perspective is paramount. If you can’t, then it becomes impossible to ensure that your clients are satisfied each and every time. Helping others requires true empathy and understanding - you can’t accurately mimic this unless you can understand where the other person is coming from. And real solutions require you to actually care in the first place!