Sally Hughes On Caster Connection's Brand Refresh & 30th Anniversary

Caster Connection CEO/Founder Sally Hughes reflects on Caster Connection’s 30th Anniversary and brand refresh.

Sally Hughes

How would you describe Caster Connection’s brand refresh in one sentence?

Sally Hughes: Bold, forward thinking, gives me a sense of being innovative, exciting!

How different does Caster Connection look today from five years ago?

SH: We're a much more intentional company. A lot of thought goes into our strategy and decisions. Our team continues to build on our strong culture of caring, respect for each other, and deep respect and commitment to our clients. Without them, we'd be nowhere.

What differentiates Caster Connection from its competitors in the marketplace?

SH: I never want to underestimate or be negative towards our competition; they are tough. I believe one of the major differentiators is our culture. We've spent years working on our value system and sharing it all with each other. We make sure to share our successes with the entire team.

Caster Connection Logo Brand Refresh

What does partnership mean to Caster Connection today?

SH: We have some very strong partnerships and with that comes give and take, and as much transparency as possible. We must also be able to have critical conversations when things seem off-kilter; it kind of works like a marriage, it's not easy but hopefully, you're in a partnership that is well worth it.

What is Caster Connection’s philosophy toward customization?

SH: We work hard to take care of whatever the client needs. And, it isn't always the easiest thing to do. We try hard to communicate on a regular basis as we work toward solving the client needs together.

What else should we know about Caster Connection’s brand refresh?

SH: We are constantly evolving at Caster Connection. It tells the world that we are always focused on getting better, stronger, working every day on efficiencies, additional ideas, and reaching new heights. We're having a blast!

What predictions do you have for 2017?

SH: The economy seems strong and for the most part I tend to think that people are optimistic. I pray that we can find a way for all people to learn to be more than just tolerant of each other and to be open to different ideas in a clear and peaceful way.

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