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Providing Unique Caster Solutions: Our Process For Solving Problems


Our RSMs routinely provide hands-on support to different facilities across the country, with the goal of recommending solutions that are tailored to the needs of the client. To do this, RSMs evaluate the current situation by using specialized equipment to test clients’ application(s).


measuring decibel levels for noise.

• performing push/pull testing to make sure the application is safe to push.

• other tests to determine if there’s any risk of injury related to casters in a facility.


Once the circumstances are assessed, the RSM will meet with members of the facility to present informed and insightful solutions. With decades of combined experience, our team has the know-how to provide caster solutions for any environment or application, while providing relevant data from our testing to eliminate any guesswork or questions in validity in our presented solutions. In order to provide the most honest and worthwhile resolutions, Caster Connection presents clients with the solutions that best fit their needs rather than simply presenting the most expensive solution possible.


Are you interested in evaluating and resolving the unique challenges that your application(s) and environment(s) provide? Contact Caster Connection today to set up an appointment at your facility to determine what caster solution is right for you!