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Providing Safety And Efficiency To The Meat Processing Industry


Caster Connection works closely with our meat processing customers to find the best solutions for your applications. We work to offer you confidence and peace of mind by offering trusted products and excellent customer support to ensure that you experience a worry-free purchase.

We know the challenges of the meat processing industry and that’s why we provide casters that will withstand debris, oils and chemicals and feature distinct coloring for different cargo type.

We offer different products for different problems, and work hard to find you the best solution. Let Caster Connection solve your problems for you, so you can get back to what you do best.



Envirothane wheels from Algood are designed to fulfill a need in meat processing plants: distinguishing cart loads. They are able to carry heavy loads, resist moisture and chemicals, protect floors, and avoid flat-spotting.

In addition to these abilities, Envirothane wheels are made in a variety of distinctive colors to help easily distinguish a cart’s cargo type, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

These wheels are ideal for an environment where debris and fats are present, and where distinct cart markings are required.


TPR wheel for meat processing

Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) wheels are precision molded and mechanically locked to a durable, polyolefin core. This gives the wheel the ability to easily resist moisture and chemicals. This material allows the wheel to roll smoothly on almost any floor.

These wheels can resist debris, fats, and chemicals, and will protect floors while reducing noise levels. They are an economical choice for most environments where debris is present and frequent washdowns are required.

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