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Protecting Equipment For Aerospace Manufacturing



Caster Connection works closely with our aerospace customers to find the best solutions for your applications. We work to offer you confidence and peace of mind by offering trusted products, product test data and excellent customer support to ensure that you experience a worry-free purchase.

The aerospace industry operates and manufactures expensive equipment that must be protected and easy to move. The products we recommend for you are intended to fully protect your equipment while providing superior ergonomics and functionality.

We offer different products for different problems, and work with you to find you the best solution for your needs.

Let Caster Connection solve your material handling issues for you, so you can get back to doing what you do best.


The Swivel-EAZ is a proven and reliable new wheel that provides a great alternative to dual-wheel casters. Its split tread design allows the wheels to swivel independently, greatly reducing turning and rolling resistance on the wheel, far exceeding the competition on swivel, rigid, and fixed axel systems. This makes it a great option for warehouses with limited space. Some of the main features of the Swivel-EAZ include:

  • Low push/pull force required
  • Non-marking and high performance
  • Maintenance-free during lifespan
  • Ability to carry twice the load of similar, standard wheels

With over 350-patented sizes and configuration, you can be confident there is a Swivel-EAZ product designed for your application.


Blickle is known for delivering some of the most highly-engineered casters and braking systems in the industry. When implemented, their systems provide unmatched safety and stability.

Ideal-Stop brake is a solution to many of the common problems that brakes on casters present. Designed with worker safety in mind, the Ideal-Stop brake does not swivel with the caster. This means that workers do not have to bend over to engage the brake and their legs aren’t in danger of getting hit with side lock or swiveling brakes.


This brake has already been tried and tested by Caster Connection. A manufacturing company was dealing with injuries and equipment damage caused by side lock brakes. Caster Connection recommended the use of the Ideal-Stop brake and solved their original problems by eliminating leg injuries and improving ergonomics. The brake also helped solve another problem by reducing forklift damage caused by hitting the previously-used side lock brakes.

The customer was so pleased that they implemented the Ideal-Stop throughout the plant and are now a regular customer.


The CC Apex is an example of Caster Connection’s dedication to creating solutions for our customers’ needs. After being approached by a major manufacturer with sophisticated mobility needs, Caster Connection developed the CC Apex line of wheels as a solution. The CC Apex is an extremely durable wheel that is hard enough to reduce push/pull force, but soft enough to dispel debris and metal shavings.

The confidence our customers have in this product is well documented in several of our case studies from a variety of industries with different challenges. Some of its achievements include:

  • Preventing floor damage, wheel failure, and intolerable noise levels in a machine shop
  • Meeting and exceeding safety standards in an automotive manufacturer
  • Reducing workers’ risk of injury and effort required when using manual carts in industrial manufacturing

The CC Apex will improve your performance by:

  • Improving ergonomics
  • Reducing maintenance downtime
  • Dispelling debris
  • Increasing load capacities and decreasing required push/pull forces
  • Protecting floors
  • Lowering noise levels

Adapting the CC Apex into your applications will make life easier for your workers, improve functionality of carts, and protect your valuable equipment.