Overview Of Dead Man Brake And Central Locking System

The dead man braking system is an arrangement of components that leverage high braking forces and reliable operation.

Below, Caster Connection President Joe Lyden demonstrates a cart with the dead man brake and the central locking system.

Dead man brakes utilize an integrated spring to ensure the brake renders an application to a non-operated condition.

Inside the core of the wheel of a dead man caster is the drum brake. The enclosed design prevents brake performance from being affected by wet conditions or debris.

A cable pull or lever arm can trigger the disengagement of the brake.

Motorcycle/bicycle brake cables are used to connect the lever and the spring of rigid dead man casters.

Caster Connection does not provide motorcycle or bicycle brake cables due to the nature of various cart designs. Anyone attempting to assemble their own dead man braking solution must provide their braking cables at their discretion.

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To understand how the dead man brake truly works, one should be familiar with the mechanics of a caster with a drum brake. When activated, the brake shoes of a drum brake presses against the inner surface of the drum. The friction between the brake lining and the drum is what causes the caster wheels to slow down.

Caster Connection Brake System


Central locking systems have the advantage of using one brake lever to lock two or more casters of the application, at the same time.

In the video earlier, a hex rod with a pedal connects to a switch cam operated swivel head of the swivel casters. As the lever engages, the rod activates the brake pads to lock the central locking casters into place.

Central locking casters are total locking casters that locks the wheel and swivel head in place.


Whether you choose to utilize the dead man brake, central locking system or both – you will leverage high braking solutions for higher safety requirement that meets the highest demands for industrial safety. Contact Caster Connection today to inquire more about the dead man brake and/or central locking system.