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New Innovations for the Food Industry

Solutions for the Food Industry

Food Processing Facility

The environment of the food industry requires casters and wheels that can resist grease, chemicals, varying temperatures, and debris. We offer a variety of products to solve these problems, as well as products rated by the National Sanitation Foundation.

We can offer you peace of mind by offering products that have been tested and proven in your environment, ensuring that the perfect product is implemented the first time.

The Rollx Wheel from Algood

Phenolic wheels are one of the most commonly used wheels in the industry. They are very economical, adapt to different environments, and are effective in general applications.

However, phenolic wheels are known to chip and fail in stressful environments. The Rollx by Algood is an alternative to the phenolic wheel, and solves many of these problems.

Rollx Wheel

The Rollx is much stronger and lighter than the phenolic, reducing shipping costs and providing for heavier weight capacities. Unlike average phenolic wheels, the Rollx is capable of resisting moisture and chemicals, and will not chip and break when wet.

While it cannot be used inside of ovens, the wheel’s resistance to water and chemicals makes it excellent for use on carts that require frequent washdowns.

This wheel can sustain temperatures of up to 250°F and is very ergonomic. It is also 100% recyclable, making disposal easier.

Thermoplastic Rubber

Thermoplastic rubber wheels (or TPR) are a versatile and economical choice. These wheels are mechanically locked to a durable, polyolefin core, and will provide a smooth ride over most any surface.

  • Resists debris and small obstacles
  • Resists chemicals, water, fats
  • Non-marking and noise reducing
Stainless Steel TPR Caster

TPR wheels can handle environments with frequent washdowns, another trait that makes it a perfect choice for the food processing environment.