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Introducing The CC Stout

The CC Stout line is Caster Connection's latest innovation in caster wheels. Using a slightly-crowned flat-tread design, the CC Stout line offers the same excellent mobility and ergonomics as the industry-changing CC Apex wheel, while capably carrying much heavier weight loads due its iron core and tread shape.


The benefits of the CC Stout include:

  • -High weight capacity
  • -Low push/pull force required for movement
  • -Ergonomic and easily maneuverable
  • -Debris dispelling capability
  • -Holds up under rigorous conditions
  • -Reduces downtime and maintenance costs
  • -Painted iron core to protect structural integrity

The CC Stout is a great option for applications involving manual pushing and pulling, as well as towing by various vehicles. Because the CC Stout features the same polyurethane as the CC Apex, it offers an added boost to pushing and pulling and maintains a great grip on flooring during towing.


CC Stout wheels are available in the following sizes:

The CC Stout is a great choice if you're looking for mobility, ergonomics, and high weight capacities. However, the CC Stout needs a capable rig in order to deliver the best performance possible. We recommend pairing the CC Stout with Caster Connection's CC Alpha rig to create an excellent caster that will suit your needs.

The CC Alpha is a kingpinless caster rig that maintains high weight capacities, excels in tow line applications, and provides more durability than kingpin rigs. Kingpin rigs often cause casters to fail in tow line applications because high-velocity towing can wear down the kingpin. CC Alpha's kingpinless feature allows the caster to distribute weight more evenly while easing pressure on the caster.

The CC Stout wheel and CC Alpha rig combine to create the casters listed below:



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