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Improving Towline Efficiency


In order to be successful, manufacturers must find ways to quickly and efficiently transport materials throughout production facilities. One of the most common forms of product transportation are towlines; trains of carts that are usually pulled by a motorized vehicle.

Because of the variety of moving parts and wheels, towlines can struggle with efficient movement. Having a few bad wheels or casters can cause slipping, snaking, and increased maintenance downtime. Towlines require casters that will not slide laterally, can endure high speeds, and can withstand the heat generated by high-speed towing.

Check out our complete guide (article and video) to selecting casters for towlines.

Caster Connection has worked with customers to create and distribute products that greatly improve towline efficiency. Our popular CC Apex wheel was in fact created specifically to meet the needs of a major customer who was experiencing failing wheels in their high demand towline applications.



The CC Apex wheel is hard enough to roll smoothly and carry high weight capacities, but soft enough to dispel debris and avoid flat-spotting. The CC Apex wheel, combined with a kingpinless rig and precision ball bearing creates a caster that allows the wheel to be moved at high speeds and to maneuver easily. The high-quality materials allow for a quieter wheel that will protect floors as well.

Adding this wheel to a towline application has been proven to reduce the risk of damage to workers and products, as well as increase efficiency. But large towlines still present problems when being moved, especially around corners. To prevent snaking and jackknifing, Blickle created the Chain Steering System to provide unmatched stability.


The Blickle Chain Steering System places two chain-driven casters in an optimum position to enable better traction and wear resistance. The wheels and casters provided allow for increased maneuverability and decreased rolling resistance. This system is ideal for any towline application that experiences snaking and movement problems.

In order to further improve your safety Blickle has also created the Ideal Stop brake. Most braking systems swivel with the wheel, so when the wheel is positioned under the frame of the cart, so is the brake. The team member will then need to reposition the entire dolly to activate the brake and secure the dolly.


CC Apex with attached Ideal Stop BrakeIn contrast, the Ideal Stop brake stays in the same position even as the caster swivels. This allows engineers to position the brake in the exact position that will make it easy to engage when the dolly is moved into the desired position. This saves time, energy and reduces the risk of injury dramatically.

Using these products in your towline applications will benefit you in the long run by increasing productivity, ensuring safety of workers and products, and reducing the amount of time and money wasted on maintenance.

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