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Importance Of Choosing The Right Caster For Ergonomic Success

Ergonomic Caster Wheel

Thus, the caster wheels on the cart may be the improper solution for the application. Consequently, it's beneficial to learn the importance of choosing the right caster wheel for ergonomic success.

In a previous post, we’ve learned the costs associated with poor ergonomic applications. There’s a cost of:

  • Unemployment
  • Medical expenses
  • Irreversible injuries
  • Lost production time
  • Turnover and new employee training

Total Cost of Ownership must factor in when choosing caster solutions for an application. As a result, high-quality products perform better and last longer. This results in less downtime, fewer production interruptions, and maximized production capacity.


6" CC Apex Swivel Caster with Kingpinless Rig

The CC Apex is a caster solution designed with ergonomics and lean principles in mind. The CC Apex is a high-quality polyurethane wheel that:

  • Dramatically reduces the force needed for pushing and pulling
  • Handles higher load requirements
  • Requires less maintenance and protects floors
  • Capably grips flooring in towline applications

It's also important to note that the CC Apex has a low total cost of ownership. Caster solutions with a low total cost of ownership can:

  • Prevent overspending
  • Returns
  • Frequent repurchasing


Choosing the right caster wheel the first time can save you from many repurchases, installation costs, injuries, and downtime. Caster Connection understands the needs of our clients. Our goal is to ensure success for each company as a whole from the management team, down to the floor level. Contact us today to learn how ergonomic caster solutions can benefit you.