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High-tech Casters For The Engineering Industry


The engineering industry creates and distributes valuable equipment that cannot be endangered when being moved. Caster Connection offers solutions such as our innovative CC Apex line of casters, Blickle products, and advanced braking systems to ensure the safety of your workers and equipment, and to streamline performance.

Let Caster Connection help you select the right product the first time, saving you money and hassle.


Blickle offers a wide variety of expertly-crafted casters, wheels and other mobility solutions. Blickle products are highly engineered, using some of the newest and most advanced caster technology to produce high quality products.

As a master distributor of Blickle, Caster Connection is able to obtain new products quickly, and can provide unmatched pricing and customer support.

Innovative Blickle products such as the new chain steering system and the POEV series of wheels will help to protect equipment and improve towline applications.


The Chain Steering system is ideal for towline applications.


The right braking system is essential in protecting your equipment. Systems such as the the Ideal-Stop brake and the Dead Man brake ensure that carts carrying equipment stay immobile when needed.

The Ideal-Stop brake:

  • The Ideal-Stop Brake can be engaged easily every time because the pedal is attached to the top plate, thus never swiveling into an unreachable position.161

The Dead Man brake:

  • Contains a locking system inside the wheel that is engaged and disengaged on the cart handle. When manual pressure is applied to the handle, the cart rolls - wheels lock when the lever is released (similar to a lawn mower).
Dead Man Brake

Blickle braking systems are a great solution to ensure the safety of your workers and products.


The CC Apex is an innovation in the caster industry. After being approached by a top customer regarding their need for advanced wheels and casters, Caster Connection developed a strong, quiet, ergonomic caster that can meet the demands of any environment. The CC Apex was designed to:

  • Be strong and durable
  • Improve pushing/pulling ergonomics
  • Be quiet and clean
  • Reduce the need for maintenance

The high-quality polyurethane wheel:

  • Dramatically reduces required push/pull force
  • Handles high load requirements
  • Requires less maintenance, protects floors, and never flat-spots
  • Dispels debris and metal shavings

The CC Apex embodies all of the characteristics that are critical to a high performance, durable and versatile wheel that will provide a solution for your application. The CC Apex wheel is available in 4" x 2", 5" x 2", 6" x 2", 8" x 2".