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Helping The Aerospace Industry Take Flight


The aerospace industry often deals with heavy and expensive equipment that puts stress on carts and casters. Getting the right braking systems and wheels will help improve performance and reduce the amount of time you waste on maintenance.


Blickle offers a wide variety of expertly-crafted casters, wheels and other mobility solutions. Blickle products are highly engineered, using some of the newest and most advanced caster technology to produce high quality products.

As a master distributor of Blickle, Caster Connection is able to obtain new products quickly, and can provide unmatched pricing and customer support.

Innovative products such as the new Blickle chain steering system and the POEV series of wheels will help to protect equipment and improve towline applications.



The right braking system is essential in protecting your equipment. Systems such as the Central Locking System and the Dead Man Brake ensure that carts carrying equipment stay immobile when needed.

The Central Locking System:

  • Engages by depressing a pedal with your foot which locks both the wheel and the swivel, providing complete immobility

Blickle Dead Man and Central Locking Brakes

The Dead Man Brake:

  • Contains a locking system inside the wheel that is engaged and disengaged on the cart handle
  • When manual pressure is applied to the handle, the cart rolls - wheels lock when the lever is released (similar to a lawn mower)

These braking systems will help to ensure the safety of your workers and products.