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Eric Hassen Discusses Caster Connection's Brand Refresh & 30th Anniversary

In this interview, we discuss Caster Connection’s brand refresh with Director of Business Development Eric Hassen, and we ask him for his thoughts on Caster Connection’s 30th anniversary.

30th Anniversary Logo

How would you describe Caster Connection’s brand refresh in one sentence?

Eric Hassen: The brand refresh is representative of the constant adaptation within our business, needed to thrive and succeed year in and year out.

How different does Caster Connection look today from five years ago?

EH: Caster Connection has evolved from operating solely a distributor, to offering our own proprietary products and brand, which has contributed to our growth.

What differentiates Caster Connection from its competitors in the marketplace?

EH: Focusing on providing the solutions our clients needs to succeed for their material handling needs, and providing value add items such as outstanding Customer Service and product knowledge expertise.


What does partnership mean to Caster Connection today?

EH: Relationships with all of our suppliers and our clients, are critical to the success of Caster Connection. Open communication, good news or bad, is essential to setting customer expectations and keeping them informed at all times.

What is Caster Connection’s philosophy toward customization?

EH: We are in the customer service business, so customization for any and all of our clients is an essential component we offer to ensure success for our end users.

What else should we know about Caster Connection’s brand refresh?

EH: It is our 30th year anniversary. We are excited for 2017 and the new challenges and products we will be offering to enhance our clients' experiences with Caster Connection.

What predictions do you have for 2017?

EH: The market is tough out there, and our competition is formidable. We believe sticking to our core values will help us to achieve and exceed the lofty goals we have set for Caster Connection in 2017.


Caster Connection Director of Business Development, Eric Hassen