ErgoMove Electric Drive System

Ergo Move Background

Ergonomic electric drive systems for carts and material handling of all kinds are as close as we have gotten to hovercraft. This cart system is the great equalizer in that it allows everyone irrespective of their age or strength to push or pull a cart with virtually 0 push/pull. This changes the game on so many levels.

The most advanced and specialized system for automotive, manufacturing, and many other material handling applications is the Blickle ErgoMove electric drive system. ErgoMove is a recently designed electric drive system that has all the bells and whistles. Decades of experience with tens of thousands of companies informed every detail of this incredibly sophisticated piece of machinery. If you are moving heavy loads, there is no question that you could benefit from the ErgoMove electric drive system.

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The ErgoMove uses two main components, which are adaptable to your cart or application: a cockpit and electrically-driven rigid casters. The cockpit steers and stops your cart through the specialized casters. Standard swivel casters normally pair with the electrically-driven casters. You are then able to steer the cart around your facility. The ErgoMove is easily retrofitted to existing carts.

In addition to the cockpit and electrically-driven rigid casters, you have many options for your cart. These include foot guards, motor guards, chargers, extra batteries, console extensions, etc.


The ErgoMove has many best-in-class features. These features were

developed through decades of experience with industrial applications and


  • 2 speeds: turtle (2 kilometers/hour) and hare (4 kilometers/hour)
  • Weight capacities from 1,000 to 4,000 kilograms
  • Steering assistance
  • E-frame
  • Plug and play attachment
  • Safety features
    • Electromechanical Deadman’s brake
    • Emergency stop button
    • Anti-trap protection
    • Horn
    • Emergency release


You and your employees benefit in many ways from the ErgoMove.


  • Reduce push/pull to virtually 0
  • Eliminate employee injury and microfractures to the back due to high push/pull
  • Increase your employee versatility irrespective of age and strength
  • Insure safe and happy workers, who have fewer days lost to injury
  • Move extremely heavy/more product with one cart

Logistics and Operations

  • Maneuver carts with ease
  • Rely on stable deadman’s brake
  • Integration into towline setups


Every facility can benefit from multiple ErgoMove units. Just having some of these units around will give you huge flexibility and versatility. Your company will benefit on virtually every level.

The ErgoMove comes in three main models: ErgoMove 1,000, 2,000, and 4,000. These vary primarily in their weight capacities: 1,000 kilograms, 2,000 kilograms, and 4,000 kilograms respectively.

We can help you get fully set up with the model and customizations of your choice. Click below to receive a thorough evaluation and complete step-by-step guidance, designing your cart with the ErgoMove electric drive system. This is the next step to ergonomic perfection in material handling.


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