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Our Client Solutions Difference: From Eric Hassen

What makes our team so good?

EH: Our Client Solutions team has very distinct qualities that set them apart from our competition. They are the extremely hard-working, intelligent, and punctual. Most importantly though, they listen to our clients’ questions, concerns, and issues. They make it a top priority to ensure that any request is resolved within a timely manner. This is especially important in those rare times when bad news needs to be delivered. You won’t get any hidden surprises. Our CS team is honest and up front with our clients to give them the most up to date news.

Why is it important to have a reliable Client Solutions team?

EH: Our Solutions team is the backbone of Caster Connection. They are on the front lines every day answering calls, processing orders and supporting our outside sales team. They’re also invaluable if any of the sales reps are on the road. They’re able to assist clients when their sales representatives are unable to. If I’m on a sales call and my client needs immediate assistance, I know that my CS team can pick up the slack. I depend on them to help me get products out as soon as possible and to keep my clients up to speed on their orders.

What sets our CSR’s apart from our competition?

EH: We are in the customer service business, and the reason Caster Connection maintains a high level of client retention is absolutely due to our Client Solutions team. Most of them have been here for 3 years or more, so they’re able to know our clients and how they operate. We are proud of them and couldn’t ask for a better group of individuals, and we believe that our clients would say the same.

Are you in need of a caster solution? Contact us, and let our client solution team help!