Chain Steering System Increases Ergonomics While Decreasing Difficulty

Have you ever tried maneuvering a stubborn cart that won’t turn easily? Do your towline applications ever result in disaster because of carts sliding out of control? If so, it’s helpful for you to know that Blickle developed an effective solution for both of these problems by offering the chain steering system.

The chain steering system uses an integrated chain design that synchronizes casters to move in the correct direction when you steer your cart. As you can see in the video below, the chain steering system allows you to maneuver easily and more ergonomically in tight spaces. The video will demonstrate how a cart with a chain steering system outpaces a cart without a chain steering system in both speed and maneuverability.

The chain steering system can even improve maneuverability for towline carts that need to move in lock step with one another. Towlines that bend and snake are potentially dangerous and cause stress on the carts’ casters, decrease rolling performance, damage equipment, and create general frustration. The chain steering system eliminates these problems with its ability to synchronize casters so they are always properly positioned to maintain control.

Does the chain steering system sound like a good fit for your applications? Contact our team at Caster Connection to find out how to implement the chain steering system for your specific needs.