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Celebrating Caster Connection's Brand Refresh With Joe Lyden

As 2017 marks Caster Connection’s 30th Anniversary in the material handling industry, the company has unveiled refreshed branding to celebrate and maintain momentum. Caster Connection Marketing Manager Jeremy King explains, “In working to communicate a singular message about our brand, we reflected on Caster Connection’s 30-year journey, and focused on what we hope to provide accomplish and provide for our clients in year 31 and beyond.”

To gain further insight, we sat down with Caster Connection President Joe Lyden to discuss topics regarding the company's 30th anniversary, its brand refresh, and more.

30th Anniversary Logo

How would you describe Caster Connection's brand refresh in one sentence?

Joe Lyden: Our brand refresh is clean, professional and timeless.

How different does Caster Connection look today from five years ago?

JL: Caster Connection still operates under the same guiding principles as five years ago. But, we have grown significantly in efficiency, product scope, and understanding the real value our clients are looking for.


What differentiates Caster Connection from its competitors in the marketplace?

JL: Our people make the difference. The sense of urgency, pride and ownership of work, and the dedication to our clients that is seen in every team member at Caster Connection is what keeps us rolling in the right direction.

What does partnership mean to Caster Connection today?

JL: Partnership is a two-way street. For a partnership to work, there needs to be clear communication of expectations from both parties and understanding of the value each side brings. Partnerships need to be nurtured and cultivated to grow together. If either side gets complacent or takes things for granted, partnerships can fade. We pride ourselves on creating and maintaining strong partnerships with clients and suppliers.


What is Caster Connection’s philosophy toward customization?

JL: We can make it for you in any color, as long as that color is orange.

In all seriousness, we welcome opportunities to customize a product that fits the need of our clients. The key to success in customization is clear communication on expectations and deadlines.

What else should we know about Caster Connection’s brand refresh?

JL: That most, if not all, of the efforts were done in-house by our team of tremendously talented folks.

What predictions do you have for 2017?

JL: Cubs repeat as World Series Champs!!!! On the business side of things, it is difficult to predict what the economic climate will be, but I know that our team will work diligently to provide value to our clients, and if we continue doing so, we will win more battles than we lose.


Caster Connection President Joe Lyden