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Casters for Moisture and Chemicals

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Wheels are found in an amazingly wide diversity of places. In most places of business, you’ll find casters of some sort. For this reason, we have a large selection of casters to cover the precise application you might have. Each industry has very specific requirements.

Any industry with moisture has particularly high demands for casters, but food production and medical environments leave no room for error. Design failure of casters can cause health problems for patients and consumers if the product begins to breakdown. Risk of injury is another result of product breaking down because of chemicals and moisture. For this reason, we offer two lines of casters for these types of applications. These casters are perfect for anywhere moisture and chemicals threaten to destroy wheels and rigs, such as in food processing, medical wash rooms, and other similar environments.

The casters for these applications are the POEV, POBS, and the CC Nylex. The main difference between these casters is the weight capacity. The CC Nylex is designed for extra heavy weight, the POBS is designed for lighter applications, and the POEV is designed for even lighter applications. This weight capacity difference is found in the rigs for these particular wheels as well. So, if you have an application with moisture/chemicals, think about the load you will be transporting, and that will guide your selection in casters. Basically, for applications over 1,000 pounds, go with the CC Nylex, but for applications around 1,000 – 700 pounds, the POBS is your best choice. Finally, for applications under 700 pounds, the POEV is your best choice. There are other features of these wheels that will fit your application best, so make sure to consider these benefits, or feel free to click on the button below to get help with a caster solutions advisor.


The CC Nylex is made from nylon and is resistant to hydrolysis and corrosion when you have moisture and chemicals present. In addition to these qualities, the wheel has excellent ergonomic capabilities and can reduce push/pull substantially. It is designed for weights over 1,500 pounds and for manual use only. The CC Nylex also requires clean floors but does not offer a high degree of floor preservation, like a softer polyurethane. Similarly, the CC Nylex does not offer high noise reducing qualities. However, if you have moisture/chemicals and need high push/pull reduction, there is no better caster for this than the CC Nylex.


With the CC Nylex make sure to get double-shielded precision ball bearings and a stainless-steel rig, for example, our CC Crest or CC Alpha. Make sure that you are not using zinc-plated rigs, since this coating can eventually begin to flake off into the wash. In this way, you will have the best casters for heavier weight and moisture. However, if you need a caster for moisture and lower weights, the POBS is the right choice.