Caster & Wheel Solutions For Greenhouses And Agriculture

Caster Connection works closely with our greenhouse and agricultural customers to find the best solutions for your applications. We work to offer you confidence and peace of mind by offering trusted products and excellent customer support to ensure that you experience a worry-free purchase.

In order to meet the needs of greenhouses and agricultural environments, we provide casters and wheels that can withstand water and chemicals, are easy to use, and can resist the abuse of the outdoors.

We offer different products for different problems, and work hard to find you the best solution. Let Caster Connection solve your problems for you, so you can get back to doing what you do best.



Semi-Pneumatic wheels are perfect for outdoor use or use in areas with rough flooring. Caster Connection offers two different versions of the wheel, which provide different benefits:


These wheels offer all of the advantages of a pneumatic wheel, without the risk of leaking air through punctures. The foam-filled pneumatic wheel:

  • Increases traction and improves mobility
  • Easily overcomes debris such as dirt, sawdust, sand
  • Is available in swivel and rigid mounts


Similar to the foam-filled, but filled with solid rubber. These wheels eliminate the risk of going flat.

  • Tread offers increased traction and mobility
  • Easily overcomes environmental debris
  • Resistant to UV rays
  • Available in swivel and rigid

These wheels are excellent for all mobile equipment used in the outdoors.

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